About this course:
Apparel manufacture & Technology (AMT) Nowadays is one of the most fruitful and demandable Course not only in Bangladesh but also throughout the world. The aim of this course is to ensure the students about the overall concept of apparel industry, cloth production system, environment, managerial knowledge, design system, forecasting, trending and brand management of garments industry.
Program Objectives:
The foremost objectives of this program is to ensure world class education for our students both theoretically and practically according to world demand. Students not only learn here the concepts of apparel industry but also they can visualize and understand practically the demand of their sector. To cope up with the latest technologies and developments we provide best topics of nowadays like clothing materials and techniques, brand management, consumption and costing, Basic design and developments, data mining, material sourcing and overall concept and workings of apparel merchandisers.
Learning Outcomes: Students will-

  • 1. Learn the Basic concepts of apparel industry theoretically and practically.
  • 2. Observe and think about the total working diagram of a Merchandiser.
  • 3. Gather deep knowledge about material sourcing and process of negotiations which would make them a successful negotiator.
  • 4. Obtain practical knowledge about clothing materials and techniques to produce them gorgeous according to buyer’s demand.
  • 5. Acquire knowledge about costing and consumption and visit factories to learn this from factory merchandisers with the help of this Institute.
  • 6. Gain lessons about recent dynamic inventions like Inventory management, supply chain management, Industrial Engineering, Production Planning, Quality Control and many more.
  • 7. Experiene lessons about organizational behavior, Managerial capability, Hardworking mentality, many more things which would make them compatible to the modern apparel Industry and also modern world.
Dynamic Job Value:
After completion of this course the Students will join in Any Apparel Industry as a Merchandiser, Production Engineer, Quality control and Quality Assurance Manager, Industrial Engineer, Supply chain Officials and so on not only in Bangladesh but also through the world.