Campus Life

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Arts & Culture

Along with academics, BIST also thrives on cultural activities and festivals. BIST always motivates the students to participate in various kind of cultural activities which act ...

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The university also has an engaging Sports Complex sprawling across the campus with a full-length football field, cricket practice-pitch, basketball, tennis, badminton ...

Student Services
Student Service Offices

  • Registration Department facilitates the overall process of course registration, adding/dropping courses, scholarships/waivers, etc. for all the currently enrolled students
  • Accounts Department processes all the semester fee payments, discounts, fines, etc. for all currently enrolled students
  • Office of Student Affairs (OSA) controls, coordinates, and initiates external and internal student activities
  • Office of Probation (OP) and Guidance Counseling (OGC) provides special academic counseling to students with academic problem or deficiency
  • Office of Placement & Alumni (OPA) provides support and information to graduating students and alumni regarding internship, employment opportunities and employment networking
  • Office of Research & Publication (ORP) undertakes the publications of the BIST Journal of Business and Economics (AJBE) and Science and Engineering (AJSE), while introduced the first nationwide online series of working papers for business and economics
  • VUES & IT Support manages the ‘Virtual University Expert System (VUES)’, which collaborates with the University Management System as well as the Microsoft Teams Application for all digital database management and online classes
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BIST IT Infrastructure

Since its inception, BIST always emphasized the importance of modern ICT infrastructure and introduced a broad spectrum of ICT-enabled services within its campus. With a Tier 2 Data Center, 1 Gbps high-speed internet connection, 10 Gbps campus backbone network, super-fast WiFi network, state-of-the-art network incident monitoring and defense center, automated entry control system, and a home-grown Virtual University Expert System (VUES), BIST is way ahead than others in the country. It houses the largest Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solution equipped with 25 powerful servers running on Citrix and Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization platform. The VDI solution is unique in its kind developed and maintained by the IT department and hosts 1200 virtual machines in the university private cloud.

  • The largest virtual lab setup is the South Asian region.
  • 25 computer labs, 19 engineering labs, 10 design studios, 4 physics labs, 2 chemistry labs, and 1 language lab with 40 workstations in each and 24 servers to support the IT infrastructure
  • International standard Moot Court to facilitate the overall clinical legal education
  • Media Studio with professional-grade facilities for shooting, online editing, and live broadcasting
  • State-of-the-art Auditorium and Multipurpose Hall, with built-in acoustics, world-class sound systems, P3 LED projection screens, and a seating capacity of around 1000.
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Health & Wellness

  • There is a fully-equipped gymnasium on campus, to encourage the physical fitness and well-being of the students, faculties, and officials.
  • A medical center, properly provisioned with first-aid medical assistance, including emergency medication, medical attendants, and medical equipment
  • Regular deep-cleaning and full-disinfection done throughout the buildings in the campus premises.
Green Campus

BIST places students, faculties & employees at its heart, creating an ideal green environment for continued creativity, innovation and wellbeing. The BIST campus is open-architecture and connected to nature and the product of a remarkable collaboration.

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Recreational Area

  • Awe-inspiring open space amphitheater, with high-quality sound system and a seating capacity of approximately 1000, for hosting various cultural programs ranging from stage plays to musical performances
  • Bustling student zone with scenic waterworks, indoor games, and lounge areas.
  • State-of-the-art Auditorium and Multipurpose Hall, with built-in acoustics, world-class sound systems, P3 LED projection screens, and a seating capacity of around 1000

In-house cafeteria and food carts bustling with variety of delicious and healthy options, catering to the needs of students and staff, from breakfast, lunch, and snacks throughout the day

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  • Outsourced world-class security solutions, with CCTV surveillance, archway scanners, metal detectors, luggage scanners, etc., along with specialized automated flap gates and turnstile barriers accessible by designated student, faculty, and official IDs, to ensure a safe environment on campus 24/7.
  • A 2-storied underground parking and an open outdoor parking with a capacity of 160 and 210 respectively.

Secular prayer facilities on campus, housing Muslim prayer rooms, a Christian chapel, a Hindu mandir, and a Buddhist prayer room, to empower everyone on campus to freely practice their faith.

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BIST Library

The BIST Library is spread across an area of around 11,590 sq. ft., located on the top floor of the iconic spherical building in the heart of the campus, with a 360o degree view of the stunning serenity.

  • With a total seating capacity of 500, the library has a common space on the main floor along with a separate ‘quiet zone’ on the mezzanine floor for those who require a more silent ambience for studying/working.
  • The library boasts a rich and diverse collection of about 59,000 volumes including books, journals, articles, newsletters, research works, CDs, DVDs, etc., covering a number of different areas of interest, covering more than 80 academic areas in arts, business, engineering, science, social science, technology, as well as a wide selection of materials highlighting global benchmarks, international news, and other developing theories, concepts, researches, innovations, issues, etc. from around the world.
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Specially named ‘corners’, dedicated to specific categories of the library collection:

  • Bangabandhu Corner: A section of books related to the history and culture of Bangladesh, acquired and donated through various sources over the years, named in honor of the Father of our Nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.
  • India Corner: A section of books donated by the High Commissioner of India, His Excellency Mr. Harsh Vardhan Shringla, during his visit to the campus in September 2018.
  • Philippines Corner: A section of books donated by the Philippine Ambassador to the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, His Excellency Mr. Vicente Vivencio Bandillo, commemorating the Philippine National Language Month during his visit to the campus in August 2019.

Along with academics, BIST also thrives on co-curricular activities, coordinated through the Office of Student Affairs (OSA), which acts as the hub of the university, interconnecting several major functions that multitask various operations, both internal and external. Through the executions of the Office of Sports, Office of Cultural Affairs, and Student Services & Welfare, numerous dynamic outreach programs, along with constructive seminars, workshops, competitions, conferences, and other such socio-cultural student club activities as well as departmental academic events are organized, facilitated, and participated in by the university on internal, national, and international levels.

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BIST Arts Club
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BIST Business Club
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BIST Community of Engineering Students [ACES]
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BIST Computer Club
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BIST Drama Club
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BIST Film Club
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BIST Oratory Club
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BIST Performing Arts Club
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BIST Photography Club
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BIST Robotic Crew
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BIST Social Wellfare Club - Shomoy
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Engineering Students of Bangladesh – BIST Unit Face [ESAB]
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IEEE BIST Student Branch