About Fashion design:
When we hear the word "fashion", we see a picture of many kinds of clothes, bags, shoes and many kinds of accessories. There is a huge world involved with the word "fashion". Every person has different tastes and preferences. A person's nobility is reflected in his dressup & getup .
The second place of our basic needs is "clothing" which means "dress". We love to keep ourselves tidy. The first and one of the best steps to keep ourselves tidy is dressing. We wear accessories to match the garment to make it more attractive.
Dressing is different, depending on the occasion, age and culture. And all these things are combined to create fashion. The combination of season, dress category, and dress type is a fashion creation of a culture. Fashion is constantly changing.
In shortly described, What is "Fashion"
"Fashion is about expressing one's preferences in a certain time, in a certain place and in a certain context. This preference is manifested in one's lifestyle, dressing, footwear, accessories, makeup, hairstyle and body posture."

About this course:
Fashion Design & Technology(FDT) Nowadays is one of the most fruitful and demandable courses not only in Bangladesh but also throughout the world. The aim of this course is to assure the students about the overall concept of Fashion Design. Fashion Design starts with fiber and ends with making dresses. Hand sketch, Digital sketch, pattern, cutting, sewing, finishin, fashion accessory, fashion history and present situation of fashion market etc. Everything will be in this course. In a word,the concept of everything from the beginning to the end about fashion design will be clear in this course.
Program Objectives:
The foremost objectives of this program is to ensure world class education for our students both theoretically and practically according to world demand. Students not only learn the concepts of Fashion Designing but also they can visualize and understand practically the demand of their sector. To cope up with the latest technologies and developments we provide best topics of nowadays like fashion concept, pattern, sewing,clothing materials and techniques, brand management, consumption and costing, Basic design and developments, data mining, material sourcing and overall concept and workings of Fashion Design & Technology.
Learning Outcomes: Students will-

  • 1. Learn the Basic concepts of Fashion Design theoretically and practically.
  • 2. Observe and think about the total working diagram of a Merchandiser.
  • 3. Obtain practical knowledge about, Hand sketch and Digital sketch purpose of Fashion Design.
  • 4. Obtain practical knowledge about the basic concept of every type of pattern.
  • 5. Obtain practical knowledge about the Industrial sewing machines, how to sew, to know how to assemble part of dress and dress completely finished, ready to wear.
  • 6. Learn the basic concept of CAD - Computer Editing Design.It gains another practical knowledge.
  • 7. Gain lessons about the present situation of fashion design and the fashion market.
  • 8. Gain basic lessons about surface ornamentation, Block- Batik and Printing.
  • 9. Learn the basic concept of knit wear.
  • 10. Obtain practical knowledge about clothing materials and techniques to produce them according to buyer’s demand.
  • 11. Acquire knowledge about costing and consumption and visit factories to learn this from factory merchandisers with the help of this Industry
  • 12. Gather deep knowledge about fashion designing, fashion forecasting, product development and portfolio.
Dynamic Job Value:
After completion of this course the Students will join in Any Garments Factor, Buying House and Fashion House as a Designer, Product developer and Merchandiser.Even students will choose teaching profession. Nowadays a good teacher is most demanded for the FDT Department and so on not only in Bangladesh but also throughout the world.